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1! Read the Rules!
2! Fill out the Application
3! Put application as subject line
4! Leave your Application to the most recent entry that has accepted members.
(if you are one of the first people to join send as a comment where we filled out the application!)
5! Wait on the weekly post to see if you were accepted!!

1! Promote!!
2! Post!

1! Be respectful...i guess
2! don't suck!
3! We love you so feel free to write about yourself...just don't go overboard!
4! This is about fashion- so love fashion!
5! Posts should generally be about fashion and the fashion industry!
6! Don't be hatin'!
7! yea guys--really dont suck
8! i have the right to tell you that you suck so deal with it!

Yea and i guess thats it for now!!
Love you all!