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my application


Name? ashley
Age? 15

Gender? Girly Girl

How'd you find us? i made you!

Why do you rock? because... i just do!

Picture is appreciated (and would probably help you get accepted!)
if you can't describe yourself in detail
dirty blonde hair... curly lil past shoulders... not tan at da moment (work in progress)... 5'3"ish... skinny, green eyes... sometimes blue, no glasses, (so want fake emo ones though)
5 Good Things about you?
- confident
- cute
- entertaining
- caring
- scandalous

5 Bad things about you?
- conceited
- self centered
- moody
- materialistic
- judgemental


Favorite Designers? Gucci and Prada

Links or Pictures of Clothing from your favorite designers.
I made this and i'm lazy so i'll give you picture lata!

Why do you love fashion?
Cuz it rocks, i rock and yeah things that rock totally go together
Just for curiositys sake-
Do you know any awesome fashion designers that we should know about?
not at the moment

* yea i most def. suck at these things... F.Y.I: do better than me...mmk mmk
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